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Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cells are called the specific cells with the ability to renew themselves and partly repair certain tissue types in the human body. They replace the damaged tissue with fresh new cells. They can work as stem cells or become a part of a certain tissue by changing themselves. Today, there are rumors that the brand new Stem cell hair transplant method can be a perfect solution for balding hair.

How is Stem Cell Treatment Performed?

The operation includes the removal of stem cells from the patient with a biopsy procedure. Centrifuge machine is used for separating the stem cells from the designated tissue. The stem cells are later injected into the person’s area where he suffers from hair loss.

The first Stem Cell procedure including hair transplantation surgery was performed by Italian researchers in 2017. The success rate according to the data provided by the Italian research is 29%. This means that hair density increases by %29. Best surgeons and clinics claim that this new brand technology is very promising and the success rate is very good considering that it is the first operation performed.

What about the Clinics that offer stem cell treatments? This could be a little tricky because the method is so fresh and this treatment has not still ben approved by FDA, short for U.S Food and Drug Administration Agency.

How Much Does a Stem Cell Procedure Cost?

We said that the Clinics offering Stem Cell Hair Transplantation procedures are not FDA-approved. According to famous surgeons who work for the most successful hair transplantation in the world, FDA notices about this situation should not be taken as that much serious. Because it’s a research after all and its success has officially been approved.

The average price for hair transplantation methods performed with stem cell procedures is generally around $4,000 – $12,000. The prices may change to surprising numbers because there are a couple of options that they may offer to you in addition to your basic hair transplant surgery.

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