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FUE Hair Transplant Turkey 2022

The year is 2022 and you’re still suffering from hair loss? An FUE hair transplant in Turkey is actually what you need. To determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, you must undergo a full examination. 

Blood tests and hair analysis will determine your physical fitness. The procedure also requires a drawing of your anterior hairline. This drawing will show the number of grafts that are required in each region of the head.

Turkey is the number one destination for FUE hair transplants. In fact, it is the number one destination for the procedure worldwide. FUE hair transplant specialists harvest individual follicles from the donor area. 

Once the follicles have enough roots to create a bunch, the specialist inserts these grafts into the receding hair zone. The procedure can be done without leaving scars, and the cost is quite affordable. A typical FUE hair transplant procedure in Turkey can cost as little as $950.

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey is famous for FUE hair transplant procedures which are considerably cheaper than DHI procedures. However, the number of clinics that can perform DHI hair transplants in Turkey has been increasing.

Unlike other hair transplant techniques, this procedure does not require incisions or microchannels, allowing for more precision and high survival rates. A DHI procedure may result in new hair growth after a week to ten days. This is QUİTE normal and means that the procedure perfectly works. You will see noticeable results within 3-4 months and will reach a full head of hair within 12-18 months.

There are several advantages to undergoing a DHI procedure in Turkey, including the fact that it is significantly less expensive due to the low cost of labor and the devalued currency. Turkey has become a health tourism paradise for Europeans and Americans as well. 

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