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Hair Transplant Failures

Hair transplantation involves the plantation of hair on the scalp where the person is troubled with hair loss. There are so many ways to perform hair transplantation surgeries. The procedures today generally go very well, some surgeon even guarantees the patients that will not experience after-surgery swellings or pain.

But there may be failures even during or after such a safest and successful aesthetic surgery field. What kind of failures that patients or surgeons may experience during or after the hair transplantation procedures? This generally depends on the definition of failure. People may suffer from hair-loss even after hair transplantation surgeries. This shouldn’t be considered as a failure because the individual’s hair seems so likely to lose them again because of the genetics. An individual has to find out what is the reason for his/her hair-loss first. Hair transplantation may not even be needed after the source of the problem is figured. In some cases, doctors suggest mesotherapy rather than hair transplantation procedures.

The most epic failure happens when it’s realized that the follicular units were planted on the wrong sides. This inevitably causes the follicular unit-roots to collide with each other at some point. The unnatural collide of these roots interrupt the growing state of hair and cause irreversible damage and eventually hair loss…

Another common hair transplantation failure type is the over-extraction of the donor area of the patient. This is rarely seen but it has happened in the past a couple of times and terrible after hair transplantation surgery photos were publicly seen. This hair transplantation failure is completely irreversible and this is where you must be careful how many grafts you would like to donate to your balding area.

Having the best procedure depends on you, Clinics with a successful past and showing their previous patients’ before and after surgery photos are the most reliable ones to choose from. Health tourism is a multi-billion industry in which people visit other countries for the best procedures. A person who would like to visit another country for such procedures must make a good search about his/her options.

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