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Hair Falls Out After Hair Transplant Surgery

If you are a man who’s been saying goodbye to his young age, it is time to start thinking about what is going to happen to your hair. Whether it will fall out or not is always one of the most important things that men can not help themselves thinking about it. Once you’ve faced a massive hair loss and considering getting a hair transplant procedure, you need to choose a good hair transplant surgeon. Once you’ve got that too, your job has not still finished yet. You may claim that hair falls out after hair transplant surgery and start thinking about if your hair transplant procedure has failed or not.

Thinking about a failure possibility of your hair transplant in the middle of your recovery is not the right thing to do actually. This means that you do not know much about the basics of a modern hair transplant procedure like FUE, short for follicular hair transplant or DHI, direct hair implant. A good hair transplant surgery is performed on the shortest hair possible. This is because that your transplanted hair strands will fall out as they grow during your recovery.

Why Hair Falls Out After Hair Transplant

Your hair strands will fall out and regrow again during your recovery and this is a normal thing because your scalp attacks them considering that they are a threat to your health. Most experts say that you need at least 9 months to fully recover your hair.

Most people think that their hair transplant went wrong just because they see that their hair strands fall out during their recovery. However, this is a common misconception because the scalp attacks the newly transplanted hair follicles. Your immune system targets your hair follicles but you will not lose them forever because they will grow again.

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