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Baby Hair Loss

You may notice that new-born babies have do not much hair on their heads. Their hair density will increase as they grow bigger. They may even grow partial hairs on their head during their development. However, some babies do not have so much hair even while growing up. Some parents do not take it so seriously and see a doctor for such problems because they think that it’s a baby and hair will definitely grow on her / his head. However, you can’t be so sure if there’s something wrong with your baby’s hair or not. Baby hair loss is very rare but it does happen.

Even some babies may experience alopecia areata, partial hair loss on their scalp. Why does alopecia areata hit people, especially babies is something still unknown. However, any type of hair loss is increased by frequent hair wash. You should not wash your baby’s hair too often. You should not also wash your hair too often as well. The scalp produces a special oil used for hair follicles’ feeding. That’s what keeps hair follicles alive all the time. When you wash your baby’s growing hair too often, the little hair follicles of your baby will not get the feeding they need. This may result in thin hair when your baby becomes a grown-up.

How To Prevent Baby Hair Loss

The first thing you should do is see a dermatologist. Your baby should be checked if there’s something wrong with his / her scalp. After that, make your baby gets breast milk every time she/he needs. Breast milk is the most important thing when it comes to talking about the needs of a baby.

Shampoo and soaps should not have powerful chemicals inside them. Your baby’s scalp is very sensitive against such chemicals and may react very badly in return. Use soft baby shampoos and again, do not shower your baby too often.

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