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Gordon Ramsay Hair Transplant

Gordon Ramsay is considered to be the most famous chef in the world and he is noted for its intense public appearances. A mediatic guy like Gordon Ramsay must have such a daily schedule that he is not likely to give his time for unexpected events.

What do we mean by unexpected events? It is a hard thing for a mediatic guy like Gordon Ramsay to get hair transplantation without public notice. Every single day, we have a chance to see him at some event or a T.V. show. His balding head must have been such unfortunate that he finally decided to see a hair transplantation surgeon.

Which Hair Transplantation Method Did Gordon Ramsay Prefer?

Famous Personalities, especially football players generally get their hair transplantation procedures done secretly. Gordon Ramsay hasn’t shared any photos taken during his surgery but people are sure about his hairline recovery surgery anyway.

The common thought about what kind of technique he preferred is the famous Follicular Unit Extraction method. This technique is very famous for the natural-looking after-surgery results and this must be the main reason for known personalities to choose it.

The FUE method is famous for it’s after-surgery recovery time. Patients are almost guaranteed not to feel agonizing pains or experiencing swellings during their recovery. Even the follicular extraction area ( the donor area ) on the scalp can easily be hidden after the hair transplantation surgery.

The early recovery state needs at least 3-4 days but the planted hair needs at least 8 months to reach its maximum potential. As for Gordon Ramsay, it should not be that hard to conceal his newly planted hair as a chef…

First rumors about Gordon Ramsay’s hair transplantation came out almost 10 years ago. It is publicly considered that he had his surgery around the year 2011. When we take a look at his hair’s status these days, it still looks perfect with a Nick Nolte-like hair!We can conclude that Gordon Ramsay one of the most successful FUE procedures. Because it is also possible that some people’s hair keeps balding even after the FUE method.

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