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Muslim Hair Transplant

A good hair transplant should have some features. The most important thing when it comes to speaking of a successful hair transplant is about the after-surgery fall. If your newly transplanted hair falls out after your procedure, it seems like you got a bad hair transplant surgery. A good hair transplantation procedure should include as follows:

  • The donor area should have enough density needed for the balding area.
  • No serious heart and overall health conditions like diabetes or a chronic disease
  • No serious skin disease that may interrupt with the success of the hair transplant. ( Commonly necrosis, the death of the skin tissue )
  • No drinker or smoker
  • Not taking chemotherapy sessions or any other treatment that involves the injection of strong chemicals.

Those are the main requirements that are needed for the hair transplant surgery eligibility. However, there are some expectations about the surgeons as well. A good surgeon must meet patients’ needs. There are a couple of common types of hair in the world. Wavy, curly, straight hair is the most common hair types in the world. A good surgeon must reflect the ethnicity look on his patients with his hair transplant job.

Ethnicity Factor in Hair Transplant

There are several countries whose majority of the population is Muslim. Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and almost every middle eastern country has a big Muslim population. Pakistani people have mostly straight hair as Indians have, Arabs have generally curly hair.

A bad surgeon may not give so much attention to the ethnicity look. If the surgeon performs the hair transplant surgery on an Arab in a way that a Pakistani patient should get, that hair transplant will not result in natural-looking results. A good surgeon should make good calculations on the angles and depth of the extracted and plantation progress. Muslim people generally prefer Muslim surgeons because of their ethnicity factors.

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