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Bradley Cooper Hair Transplant

Bradley Cooper is one of the highest-paid Hollywood stars and was a big public interest because of his relationship with Irina Shayk. Bradley Cooper has always been noted for his cool hairstyles. He changes his styles in terms of color, shape, and size so often and almost all of these styles were publicly admired. But there have been rumors involving that Bradley Cooper’s possible hair transplant procedure…

Bradley Cooper’s hair loss can not be noticed with ordinary eyes. There are lots of hair loss geeks on the internet and they are obsessed with known personalities, such as Hollywood actors and football players. There is one photo who makes it very clear that Bradley was suffering from a potential hair loss, you can see it above.

However, Bradley always managed to come back with more intense hair and this is the reason why the geeks think that he had a hair transplantation procedure.

Which One Was Bradley’s Choice?

When we take a careful look at Bradley’s hair, we could say that the procedure must have been the best ever! The common thought on which method he had used points out the famous FUE, short for the Follicular Unit Extraction method.

I think we should not even mention the ancient in-procedure method, Hair Plugs for Bradley’s case. Hair Plug extraction and plantation mostly require a full head shave which we haven’t seen Bradley as.

Since we’ve concluded that the FUE is the highest possibility, We can say that Bradley’s new hair was individually extracted from his donor area first. Then they were possibly put on ice to keep the roots alive and planted on the recipient area of him. He needed 2 or 3 months to heal his wounds after the surgery. Since we haven’t seen him with any scars on his head, he must have done a great job covering them from the public

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