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Bad Hair Transplant Candidate

We all know the best way to provide a good amount of density to the scalp is a possible hair transplantation procedure. However, not every person is eligible for hair transplantation procedures. There are a couple of requirements needed for hair transplantation qualification. Bad hair transplant candidate is generally associated with a low hair density on the donor area, which typically is the back of the head.

Bad hair transplant candidate is supposed to get away from such procedures because there is a high chance of losing the newly transplanted hair follicles as well. There are a couple of hair loss types and hair transplant procedures are believed to solve most of these hair loss types. Male pattern baldness is the most common hair loss type and can not be cured with any type of treatment. However, the hair follicles existing on the back of the head are strong ones. They are resistant to male pattern baldness.

Features of Bad Hair Transplant Candidate

Aesthetic surgeons ask you for your medical history before performing your hair transplant procedure. If you are a hard smoker and drinker you are considered a bad hair transplant candidate. A good hair transplant candidate should have an overall health condition. You should not have irregular eating habits. A recovering scalp will need healthy nutrition during the recovery which a bad hair transplant candidate is not capable of providing.

However, the most important thing is generally related to the donor area. If you don’t have enough hair follicles needed to cover your recipient area, you are considered a bad candidate. Some bad minded surgeons may accept your hair transplant surgery request even they know that you don’t have enough density on the donor area. You should make a good search over the number of grafts that are needed for a standard hair transplant procedure.

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