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What To Expect From A Good Hair Transplant

We know that you are easily attracted by the before and after photos of previous hair transplant procedures which went good. You can see a good amount of hair on a man who was once a complete bald. However, you can not always trust photos because they do not give the exact details of hair density or graft numbers. The most important thing when it comes to thinking about what to expect from a good hair transplant is the hair density on personal appearance. One should not be recognized as a hair transplant candidate after his procedure has been done. It is always about natural results that are provided by a hair transplant.

You can see lots of people who had hair transplant procedures in the past and you can also notice that they do not look the same. Some transplanted hairs may look thin when they are compared to other people’s transplanted hairs. The reason behind this is the number of grafts that the donor area of a person has. The hair density on the back of the scalp is very important and affects the hair transplantation sessions. One can qualify for 5,000 grafts of hair extraction session, while another can qualify just for 3,000. This is about how many hair follicles people have left at the back of their heads.

Features of A Good Hair Transplant

We said that the most important thing when it comes to speaking of a good hair transplant’s characteristics is the natural results. However, that is not the only thing and people have the rights to expect more from their surgeons and procedure. Here are the common features of a good hair transplant procedure:

  • A good hair transplant does not fall out as a patient’s hair did before. It is expected to survive after a hair transplant and nobody wants a hair transplant to fail.
  • A good hair transplant should not only have a good appearance, but it should also have the patient’s ethnicity look. For example, Chinese people have straight hair, Africans curly, and so on. It is important to give this look to all patients.
  • A good hair transplant should mostly meet the candidate’s expectations. So many people would like to have a long hair transplantation procedure, however, it is always best to get short hair transplant surgery in terms of giving it the best care by surgeons.

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