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Male Hereditary Hair Loss Treatment

It is true that there are millions of people living with their balding heads. Some of these people, mostly men, maybe do not even know they’re suffering from hair loss. However, a possible hair loss like male pattern baldness causes massive hair fall on the scalp. Male pattern baldness is transferred via heredity, so you can thank your father later. There is a couple of male hereditary hair loss treatments on the market but almost all of them have not been success-approved except for one; hair transplantation.

There is no success-approved cure for male pattern baldness, sorry for that. However, you can make up your loss with a possible hair transplantation procedure if you’re considered eligible for it. A real hair transplant is considered the best way to fight against hair loss. It does not make your scalp create new hair follicles but thanks to the strong hair follicles extracted from the back of the head, you will not suffer from further hair loss after your procedure.

Hair follicles from the back of your head are the strongest ones because they have proved themselves as immune against male pattern baldness. Since they managed to survive from male pattern baldness attacks, they are designated as the main donor hair follicles by most surgeons.

It is true that hair transplantation procedures can be performed with hair follicles extracted from the body as well. For example, chest hair can also be used for hair transplantation procedures but they do not give the same natural results as those from the back of the head can provide.

Besides, hair follicles from the body do not grow so long as those from the back of the head do. If you are okay with the topical effect that body hair can provide, there is nothing wrong with the use of it.

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