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Balding After Hair Transplant

Every hair transplant candidate has a chance to witness his own unique hair transplant experience. Because aesthetic procedures are not exactly how they seem. Before the most aesthetic procedures, aesthetic surgeons prepare individualized surgery maps for their candidates. This individualized surgery plan is prepared before most common aesthetic procedures like hair transplants, skin lift jobs, liposuction procedures, rhinoplasty sessions, and so on… However, there are some complications and so-called complications can be seen even if you think that you got the best aesthetic procedure in your life. For example, most people say that they experience balding after hair transplant. There may be several reasons behind this but it is not mostly how they think, actually.

There are a couple of things a hair transplant candidate expects from a good hair transplant procedure. Natural results, the ethnicity look, not balding after the procedure, and the best and faster recovery are the main things that every hair transplant candidate may expect from a good hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant procedures are not performed to expect any kind of balding after the procedures. Nobody wants a hair loss after a hair transplant because the extracted hair follicles from the back of the head do not have the ability to grow back.

Why My Hair Falls Out After Hair Transplant

You should not forget about this thing about the donor area because some bad-minded clinics claim that the donor area will grow new hair follicles even after the hair follicle extraction job. That is a complete lie, do not buy it.

Most people claim that their hair keeps falling out even after their hair transplant procedure. However, these people do not know that the hair follicles will grow a bit after the hair transplant procedure than fall out just because their immune system targets the hair follicles and make them fall out. The new, compatible hair strands will grow out of your scalp again and your hair density will gradually increase.

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