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Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness is the main term used to define the typical hair loss caused by genetics and male sex hormones. It is the most common hair loss type in the world and unfortunately, there is no permanent medical solution for male pattern baldness.

More than %50 of the men living in the world are considered suffering from male pattern hair loss. Pattern male baldness is typically observed from a receding hairline. Androgenic alopecia is the medical term used to define the male pattern baldness.

The rate of male hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone reduces in the body for some reason and this causes the male pattern hair loss. There are so many urban legends represented as reasons for male pattern hair loss, however, both these so-called reasons for hair loss and the possible solutions, shampoos, etc are not considered true.

How is Male Pattern Baldness Diagnosed and Treated?

Every 3 years, scalp hair enters in some kind of rest phase and the hair strands begin to fall out more than usual. The rest phase lasts 3 months and the scalp recover the hair strands lost during this time.

The rest phase is exactly when pattern male baldness hits the person. It causes the rest phase to last longer than usual and even more hair strands fall out. You can see people who tell their stories as reasons for their hair loss. The thing is they just don’t want to accept the situation that they’re suffering from a balding head.

Depression and high stress may cause hair loss, however, it’s not permanent and the scalp recovers the lost hair strands after some time. Male pattern hair loss is irreversible.

We already told that there is no cure for male pattern baldness but there are a couple of ways to reduce hair loss. There are some medications like minoxidil that may increase the intensity of the hair.

Minoxidil doesn’t make new hair strands to come out, it simply makes little and thin hair strands to grow longer and thicker. However, minoxidil should be used all the time after its first use. When stopped using it, the hair strands will fall out and go thinner like before.

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