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Hair Restoration Options

Millions of people, especially men have to live with their curse, male pattern baldness. There are also millions of so-called hair growth remedies in the world, however, none of them has been approved by any medical community. Experts can’t say that there is a permanent solution for hair loss and there is a method that allows the scalp to grow hair. So, when all such so-called methods for hair loss and hair growth fail to achieve anything, people generally start thinking of other alternatives. For example, hair restoration procedures have been on people’s trends list for years. Especially hair transplantation procedures are considered the most successful hair restoration methods. Let’s take a look one some of these hair restoration options in our post.

When we think of hair restoration methods, there are actually two different methods coming to the mind. Scalp micropigmentation and artificial hair implantation procedures are considered the most performed hair restoration procedures. Both of these have different surgery principles, however, they have something in common, you will not grow or have new hair follicles after these procedures.

Scalp micropigmentation is the best one for those who mostly live with buzz haircut styles. Scalp micropigmentation procedures provide a topical effect on areas where the candidates are suffering from receding hairlines. Pigments are planted on thinning areas to make scalp to have a topical look. However, you need to be careful while getting your own real hair strands cut. You need to visit hairdressers who know how to deal with a micro pigmented scalp.

Artificial hair implants are made of synthetic fibers and planted on your scalp areas where you’ve been suffering from hair loss. Since they’re not real hair follicles, you need to take special care for them. You need to feed it with chemicals and special oils to prevent it from deformation.

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