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Differences of Stem Cell Hair Transplantation from Other Methods

There are several differences between stem cells hair transplantation and other hair transplant methods. Stem cells, which are used in the treatment of many diseases, from cancer to nervous diseases, are also promising for those who have hair loss problems.

The most important feature of stem cells is that they can transform. Hair transplantation with stem cells owes its advantage to this transformation. Stem cells injected into the scalp activate dead or passive hair follicles, adding density, vitality, and shine to the hair.

What is Stem Cell?

Stem cells are found in all organs and tissues of your body. Its most important feature is that it can transform into all cell types. Stem cells can transform into the cell type of damaged organs or tissues and create a reparative effect.

The stem cells needed for hair transplantation with stem cells are obtained from the fat tissues. The place with the most stem cells in the body is the fat tissues. Usually, the adipose tissue taken from the abdomen is sent to the laboratory, and the stem cell separation process is performed. The separated stem cell is injected into the scalp during hair transplantation.

How are Stem Cells used in hair transplantation?

Those who want to have hair transplantation with stem cells need to know some points before creating their expectations. First of all, the method to be applied to your hair should be determined. Depending on the condition of your hair, whether the stem cell hair transplantation will be used alone or as a supporting factor in addition to existing hair transplantation.

It should not be thought that the completely bald scalp will return to its old days only with stem cell hair transplantation. In such a case, stem cell transplantation and hair transplantation should be performed together. With the FUE technique applied for people experiencing the last stages of hair loss, hair follicles taken from the nape are planted in the relevant areas after the channel opening process. For this process, starting from 3000 and up to 6000 hair follicles can be used. However, it is possible to show the hair more dense and shiny with the support of stem cells. When hair transplantation is performed with stem cells, the hair follicles that are waiting to be activated, even if they are weak, awaken and provide rapid regeneration in the transplanted area.

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