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Pain After Hair Transplant

Since technology is an unstoppable element in our lives, it is inevitable that it affects human life in every way possible. Medical and aesthetic industries are those who benefit from these improvements in technology. Hair transplantation is also considered one of the most advancing aesthetic procedures in the world.

However, Although technology has been developed this much, people must still accept certain complications after hair transplant surgery. Pain after a hair transplant is one of these complications that most patients encounter after a procedure.

Pain During Hair Transplantation

Today, candidates are guaranteed to feel no pain during the hair transplantation procedures. They are administered a local anesthetic in order to provide them the best comfort during the surgery. However, in some cases, patients may sense the individual extraction process of hair follicles even when they’re administered local anesthesia.

Some anesthetic drugs don’t work in the same way in every patient. Some can completely enter the anesthetic state while some can’t. Sensing the extraction process doesn’t mean that the patient senses the whole pain at all. In this half-anesthetic state, the sense is nothing more than soft touchings on the scalp with needles.

However, people experienced annoying and painful procedures in the past. For example, Elton John, the legendary British singer is known for his male pattern baldness. He did everything he could to get the best hair himself. He says that he underwent hair transplantation procedures two times. The extraction of his hair follicles was like a rabbit chewing a carrot, he says.

He had to stand the agonizing pain two times but all of these hair transplantation procedures failed and he started to use wigs as his last chance. What Elton John has been through is about the development of hair transplantation methods. Today, there are numerous hair transplantation methods that can be used against male pattern baldness.

Handling the Hair Transplant Pain

  • Don’t pull or wash your hair during the recovery state.
  • Don’t expose your scalp to sunlight
  • Don’t eat foods that your surgeon does not suggest
  • Don’t smoke and drink
  • Take prescription painkillers
  • Consult your surgeon

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