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Is Hair Transplant Dangerous?

People always ask this question to themselves and other people including the hair transplant surgeons: ” Is hair transplant dangerous? “. Here is the best answer to this question: The more you are eligible for a hair transplant, the safer a hair transplant procedure gets to you. Once you’re qualified, there is nothing to be feared about hair transplantation procedures.

Hair transplantation of today are quite safe, even the lowest-end hair transplantation clinics can perform such advanced hair transplant procedures with all they’ve got. Today’s hair transplant procedures are quite safer than those of the past. However, since it’s an invasive cosmetic procedure, possible side effects can be inevitable sometimes.

People always wonder if they lose their hair even after the hair transplantation procedure. This is actually their utmost concern when it comes to getting a hair transplantation procedure. It is true that hair transplantation procedures suffer from a type of hair loss even after their hair transplant surgery. This is called shock hair loss but the good thing about this is that it’s not a permanent hair loss.

The hair follicles’ external parts, your hair strands, may fall out sometime after your hair transplantation procedure. This is a common thing but may not happen in every case. Besides, even if it does happen, it’s not a permanent hair loss, most of the hair follicles will return and grow hair on your scalp again.

Hair transplantation procedures can be dangerous if you do not follow your doctor’s instructions upon your recovery. You should stay at home, avoid exposing your scalp to water and sunlight for some time. If you experience complications at high levels, you should see your doctor for prescription drugs. Any drug, lotions, and cream that you use for your complications without your doctor’s knowledge may result in even more severe complications.

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