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Redness After Hair Transplantation

Recovering from a hair transplantation surgery can really be annoying sometimes. They seem one of the least complex aesthetic procedures by most, however, that is a true misconception. Hair transplant procedures are performed with ultimate care because every hair follicle is considered an independent organ by doctors. Since they are different organs, they may react differently to aesthetic procedures like a hair transplantation procedure. Redness after hair transplantation is a common complication among patients. However, it considered one of the most harmless complications that occurred after hair transplant procedures.

There could be several reasons behind redness in your hair transplantation area. Redness on your scalp is generally considered your body’s reaction to hair transplantation treatment. Every person has different body characteristics in terms of the immune and healing system. Their scalp may react differently because of them. For example, in some cases, the immune system attacks transplanted hair follicles and makes them temporarily fall. The redness can be a result of hair transplantation procedures inflammatory impacts, drugs administered or scrabbing over your scalp.

Why Redness Occurs Over Scalp?

Your scalp may become more sensitive during your recovery from hair transplantation treatment. Lots of incision hits on your hair follicles areas may cause scrabbing, itching, and redness on your scalp. What you eat during your hair transplantation recovery is very important. You should eat more healthy grains, fruits, and vegetables to speed up your skin’s regeneration.

Most cases with redness situations are generally associated with non-pro care of hair after hair transplant procedures. This means that if you touch, wash, or interfere with your hair with anything, you increase the risk of complications. You should not scratch your hair transplantation area no matter what happens. Your hands are full of germs and microorganisms even it’s pure clean. Besides, your scabbing will fall out when it completely returns from its fluid reddish state.

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