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Female Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is mostly associated with men because of the terrible hair loss type, male pattern baldness. This specific type of hair loss is transferred via heredity and mostly seen during young ages. However, hair loss can also be seen in women. The equivalent type of male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness targets women and causes massive hair loss starting at young ages as well. Female hair loss treatment procedures are not any different than those of the men.

Female hair loss is not so common as male hair loss. It is a fact that most men are cursed with terrible hair loss types like male pattern baldness. Such male and female pattern baldness causes massive hair fall starting during the young ages and unfortunately, there is no natural solution for such losses.

Female hair loss caused by female pattern baldness can only be treated by possible hair transplantation procedures. Women can undergo hair transplant procedures like follicular unit extraction or direct hair implantation to get real hair on their scalps again.

However, hair transplantation procedures on women can be a bit challenging because most women do not want to undergo full-shave procedures. A hair transplantation procedure can be performed in a full-shaved scalp the best, most experts and surgeons say.

Women are mostly associated with their long hair and they are not so much interested in full-shave hair transplantation procedures. That’s why women mostly prefer no-shave hair transplantation procedures to keep their existing hair on their scalp after the procedures.

No-shave FUE or DHI procedures can seem logical to many people but in fact they’re not. Most hair transplantatation patients are likely to suffer from shock hair loss which hits them after the procedures and cause almost all the transplanted hair to fall. This is not a permanent hair loss but it kills the purpose of no-shave hair transplantation.

Hair follicles will take months to fully recover the loss from shock hair loss. During this time, A full-shaven scalp can also regrow a really long hair. Full-shave hair transplantation is mostly seen the best option, even for female candidates.

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