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Hair Loss in Kids

Hair loss in kids is not a common thing. It is true that many grown-ups, especially men are cursed with balding hair. Male and female pattern baldness are the worst type of hair loss because the loss caused by them are irreversible. This means that once you lose your hair follicles, you lose them forever. Hair loss in kids is not actually how it looks like. Some people think that their children, especially their babies are suffering from a kind of hair loss just because they do not have good hair density.

This is a common misconception because babies keep growing new hair in time. Besides, not all people have the same hair density. There may be several reasons for your kid to lose his/ her hair. However, most of them do not cause permanent hair loss, so you do not have to worry that much. In order to make sure of it, you can visit a dermatologist and get your kid’s scalp and hair follicles checked.

Alopecia areata is common in children. Such diseases may cause both permanent and temporary hair loss in children. However, permanent alopecia areata is a very rare thing. Kids should be washed with baby shampoos and soft cleaning products.

Parents should not let their children use hair shaper machines like curling irons. They are not just dangerous for their kids, but also dangerous for everyone as well. Force-pulling and scratching of hair follicles may cause permanent loss of them.

Dermatologists can suggest creams, lotions, and drugs for children. It is very dangerous to use products without doctor’s knowledge because there are millions of useless hair growth products that are told to be effective. They may even cause more irregularities and hair loss in your kid’s scalp and you should not use products other than prescription drugs, shampoos, lotions and creams.

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