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Marijuana Before Hair Transplant

If you’re thinking about getting an invasive surgery, especially an aesthetic surgery, you need to know some basics of human anatomy. For example, your body is fed by your blood carrying by your veins spread through your body. Your blood feeds your vital organs and tissue but needs to be cleaned over and over again. This cleaning job is carrying out by your lungs. As oxygen enters your lungs, the dirty blood is cleaned up and keep spreading through your body.

However, drugs can change your body’s routines. Especially drugs may mess with your blood sugar level, blood circulation, and cleaning speed. For example, toxins inside marijuana enter your vein during the blood cleaning process and make you feel different than normal. That’s why marijuana before hair transplant may affect the fate of your procedure in a bad way.

Not just marijuana but all kind of drugs which may interrupt with your body’s blood cleaning and circulation process can affect the future of your hair transplant. Your hair transplant will need lots of clean oxygen and blood floating under your scalp to regenerate the wounded tissue. Undergoing a hair transplantation procedure when you’re high may result in some serious complications during or after your surgery.

What Could Happen If I Use Marijuana Before Hair Transplantation

The most important thing that affects the eligibility rate of a hair transplantation candidate is the anesthetic drugs given to them. The body is forced to sleep with such medication and people with some serious health conditions may suffer from complications that can even result in death.

If the toxins of marijuana are floating inside your veins during your hair transplant procedure, the anesthetic drugs may fail to carry out their job, which means that there’s a chance you may not enter the anesthetic state with those drugs. Or, you partly enter the anesthetic state which means you may experience some of the pain caused by the extraction and plantation process of your hair follicles.

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