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Does It Pain In Hair Transplant?

There are a couple of so-called hair loss remedies on the market. However, the number of those who are considered successful and safe is very small. For example, hair transplantation procedures are considered the best hair restoration methods for thinning hair. There are several types of hair transplantation surgery and the success rate of these procedures is very high these days. However, some complications are almost inevitable when it comes to undergoing hair transplantation surgery. For example, swelling is a common hair transplant complication. What about pain? Does it pain in a hair transplant? Let’s take a look.

A standard hair transplantation surgery has two stages: Hair follicle extraction and plantation. Both of these procedures require anesthetic drug administration. No one can stand such a pain that can be seen after hair follicle extraction and plantation stages.

After the local anesthetic administration, the hair follicle extraction procedure begins. Hair follicles are individually extracted and stored in a place. Some people can sense the extraction process even under local anesthesia. Different patients expressed their experiences with different words. Some called it weird, some called it annoying, some called it disgusting, and some complained that it hurt.

However, most hair transplant candidates who sense the hair follicle extraction process think in a psychological way. The real pain which is unbearable is very rare in hair transplant procedures. The main reason for pain suffering during the hair follicles extraction stage is mostly associated with the effect of the anesthetics.

Some people have a stronger immune system which prevents the anesthetic drugs to take a complete effect. When this happens, they sense the pain more than other people do. However, depending on the case, surgeons can immediately take care of the pain problem by administrating more anesthetics into their patients’ scalps.

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