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Hair Transplant Short-Term Side Effects

When you consider getting a medical procedure, especially an invasive one like hair transplantation, you should know that side effects are sometimes inevitable. There are numerous hair transplant short-term side effects that can be seen during recovery. Depending on the procedures and the hair transplant care, the severity and the duration of these side effects mat change.

The first complication that comes to mind when we speak of hair transplant procedures is swelling. Almost every hair transplant patient suffers from swelling in ranging severity. However, swelling can be prevented if hair transplant candidates manage to follow their surgeons’ recovery instructions.

A hair transplant patient should not move his / her body too often because it increases the risk of severe swelling in early recovery. Swelling does not hit the scalp for a long time but can be really annoying during the early recovery. A good rest at home will take care of your swelling problem without any extra effort.

Itching is a short-term hair transplant complication and also an indicator of your healing. Your wounded microchannels will cause independent itchings over your scalp and may make you scratch your scalp which is completely dangerous. You need to be patient especially when your scabs start falling.

Another short-term hair transplant complication is redness. Immune systems of hair transplant patients may react differently to the procedures. Redness is one of the most common hair transplant complications and does not generally present danger to both patients’ health and hair transplant jobs.

These complications generally disappear in a short time if patients do not move their bodies too often or interfere with their scalp during recovery. However, people may suffer from severe complications which may require surgeons’ consultation. Additional prescription drugs, lotions, and creams may be needed to overcome these problems.

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