Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Hair Implant or Hair Transplant

There could be several reasons for a person to consider getting a hair implant or hair transplant. The main reason for that is generally associated with hair loss. Most men have a nightmare called ” male pattern baldness “. Male pattern baldness is the worst hair loss type and there is no cure and treatment for it. There is a common misconception associated with hair transplants. Hair transplantation is not a hair loss treatment. However, hair transplantation procedures are performed to provide a good hair density to the thinning hair. The success rate of the common hair transplant procedures on the aesthetic market may depend on several factors.

Hair implants can be made of both real or artificial hair strands. Both short artificial hair implants and long artificial hair strands can be implanted on the scalp. Since they are not formed by real alive hair follicles, the way how the artificial hair strands are implanted on the scalp may change depending on the surgeon’s skills. Hair implants of today are considered one of the most successful hair instruments that give the best natural appearance to people.

When to Get A Hair Transplant

Experts say that if you are eligible for a good hair transplant procedure, don’t hesitate to get one. It will be your own hair on your head again and you will not have to do extra things to keep it fresh like in hair implants.

If you do not have a serious skin disease or not having a chemical treatment for a chronic disease you are probably eligible for a good hair transplant. If you are taking chemotherapy sessions, you would not want to watch your transplanted hair fall out again if you undergo it without thinking twice. This kind of hair loss is irreversible even if you recover from your cancer since your hair follicles already died.

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