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Hair Transplant Protection After Coronavirus Infection

Since you are already familiar with the severe symptoms of COVID-19, you should also know that you must be extra careful against this terrible disease if you had a surgical operation lately. You are told by your doctor that you should be resting at your home during the first days of your recovery. Especially those who recently had hair transplant procedures should lock themselves up home during their recovery time. However, there is always the risk of getting infected by coronavirus even if you took the best care of yourself during this pandemic chaos. Hair transplant protection after coronavirus infection may not be so easy because the whole world has been suffering from this little virus for months and every field of the business industry got hit by it very harshly.

If you are recovering from your wounds of hair transplant surgery, it is for your own best to spend your early recovery days at home. Most experts say that it would be wise to stay at home during the first two weeks of your hair transplant recovery. Besides, you are already expected to stay home during this pandemic chaos and do not leave it until the world’s stability is restored again.

What to Do After Coronavirus Infection?

Your doctors always know the best about your situation, however, if COVID-19 does not go too severe on you, you are expected to stay at home and clean your hands all the time. You should not wash your hair because it’s still wounded and needs some time to recover itself from wounds. The first 5 days are important because your doctor does not allow you to interfere with your hair transplant during this time.

Since COVID-19 makes your immune system fail, you should always consume foods that may keep your metabolism and immune system in shape. Healthy fruits, grains, and vegetables should be consumed in order to keep the body refreshed.

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