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Hair Breakage After Hair Transplant

People may have millions of problems when it comes to speaking of haircare. Hair loss is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to your hair. Your options against hair loss are limited. However, you are luckier if you have other kinds of problems like hair breakage. Hair breakage can be seen in every person. Hair breakage after a hair transplant is also a common problem and it’s actually one of the most annoying problems after swelling and shock hair loss.

There could be many reasons for hair breakage. The most common reason for hair breakage is generally associated with people’s poor haircare. Some people do not take good care of their hair by leaving it dirty. Some people use hair shaper products too often and do not clean it up on regular basis.

You should not use hair shaper products too often because they do not only cause hair breakage but also cause hair loss. Hair breakage can be reduced with the use of proper hair care products. You need to use shampoos or creams with moisturizing effects.

Some people wash their hair more than usual. Washing hair too often does not reduce hair loss or hair breakage or make your hair cleaner. Your scalp has a special oil that is essential to your hair follicles. If you clean your hair too often, your scalp oil will go away and your hair follicles will not be able to feed on the oil.

If you suffer from hair breakage after a hair transplant, it’s probably not a result of your surgery. You need to take good care of your hair just like before. You need to protect your scalp from water and sunlight during the early days of hair transplant recovery but after scabs fall, you should wash your hair as you did before.

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