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Working After Hair Transplant

When it comes to undergoing hair transplantation procedures, people are generally anxious because they think these procedures are time-wasting. Workaholic people may not spare some time for a hair transplantation procedure because of their intense work schedule and delay their plans too often. However, when the hair shedding becomes unbearable, people may realize the situation’s seriousness this time. Besides, working after a hair transplant is not also how these people think it is.

A standard hair transplant procedure ( max 5k grafts ) can be performed in a single session these days. However, some procedures may take longer than expected but this still does not affect the patients’ recovery time. Most people are guaranteed to return to work after their first wash of the hair. This means that 4 or 5 days of home rest will be just fine and patients can return to their work. The most important thing that should be done about the safety of your hair transplant is to avoid sweating.

The early days of hair transplantation recovery can be challenging but when the microchannels opened for your transplanted hair follicles start growing scabs on them, this means you’re really healing from your wounds. As long as you don’t take any actions that may make your scalp sweat, you can do anything and go anywhere. You should use hats to protect your scalp from sunlight during your recovery.

Most people even return to their work with their bandages on their heads. Bandages on the head mean that it’s possible the day after the hair transplantation procedures. If someone really thinks that he can handle himself and his wounded scalp at work, he can go. However, it is dangerous for a hair transplantation patient to move a lot. Office workers generally do just fine after their hair transplantation procedures because they do not move much or take any action that may make their body and scalp exhaust and sweat.

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