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Women Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplantation procedures are generally affiliated to males who experience pattern hair loss. Most of the men ‘s hair are predisposed to fall out depending mainly on genetics. Women’s hair generally doesn’t bald in the early and middle ages. It generally gets thinner as the individual gets older. Even if it’s rare, there are also women who suffer from a balding head just like men. Pattern baldness is considered all the people’s nightmare and Turkey, where is the mainland for hair transplantation procedures, is best for women who would like to put an end to their nightmares.

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

There may be several reasons for hair loss in women. Anemia, skin diseases, giving birth or possible chemotherapy session generally cause hair loss, not only in men but also in women. High-depression or the intensity of an individual stressful status may trigger possible hair loss in women.

A woman’s hair doesn’t have the same characteristics as a man’s. The hair loss in men generally starts on the right and left sides of the forehead or the top area of the scalp. But this is generally different when it comes to women’s hair. Women’s hair generally starts balding in every place of the scalp. The overall hair density reduces, in summary, the hair gets thinner.

How is Female Hair Transplant Done?

There are two main methods used for hair transplantation. FUE and FUT ( Follicular Unit Extraction, Excision, and Follicular Unit Transplantation ) are widely used in both men’s and women’s hair transplantation procedures.

FUE is the most preferred hair transplantation procedure in the world these days because it gives the best natural-looking results. Patients have options that they are asked if the hair is completely shaved off or not.

Women generally don’t prefer the full shave because they don’t want to look like a bald person during the 9 months of recovery time. The follicular units on women’s donor area are extracted and planted on the recipient areas of them. The FUE method involves the individual extraction of follicles so they are also planted individually.

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