Learn More About Hair Transplantation

Modern FUE

The first hair transplantation experiments were carried out a hundred years ago. The method was very similar to modern methods of today. However, it did not achieve considerable success back then and hair transplantation did not also make quite an impression on the public. There had been any major hair transplantation experiments carried out until the 1960s . After that, some American and European surgeons carried out first successful hair transplantation jobs. This is actually how modern FUE was born. FUE, follicular unit extraction is considered the best hair transplantation method in terms of providing the most natural results.

Hair transplantation procedures have become one of the most performed aesthetic procedures after experts did learn that hair follicles are independents organs of the body. They should be taken into consideration just as other organs in the body like the nose, liver, etc. Hair follicles are not hair strands, they can consists of up to 4 hair strands in each. They may have different structures depending on people’s ethnicity. For example, a Chinese and a black man have different types of hair follicles on their scalps. Chinese have more hair follicles but they have fewer hair strands on each hair follicle

Why FUE Is The Best?

FUE procedures can be performed in every corner of the world. For example, Turkey, Pakistan, and India are very famous places for modern FUE procedures. The very best thing about FUE is the natural results that it provides to its candidates. A good FUE surgeon can perform the best natural appearance to his patient if he manages to adjust the angles and depth of the hair follicles as his patient’s ethnicity requires.

FUE is not an expensive aesthetic procedure when it’s compared to other hair transplant procedures like DHI, direct hair implant. FUE does not require a full-shave scalp all the time. Doctors can also perform FUE procedures without shaving the scalp completely.

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