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Baby Hair Loss

Baby Hair Loss is generally caused by external damage. Pulling, ponytails, etc are the main reasons for baby hair to fall out. However, this kind of hair loss is not permanent and will recover itself during the time, unless there’s not severe damage on the scalp or a skin disease.

Baby hair is not actually what you think it is. The first wave of baby hair generally grows a bit and falls out slowly. The rest phase, in which the hair enters a resting state meaning it falls out normal than usual for 3 months. This may be different for an evolving hair of a baby. Letting the baby hair grow longer may cause the hair to become a weak one.

The best way to prevent baby hair from falling out is to leave it in short length. By doing this, you provide better performance to the baby’s scalp that it does not need to push itself to feed the long hair in such a young body.

Preventing Baby Hair From Balding

In order to prevent the baby hair from falling out, first thing you should do is to see a dermatologist. You need to get a detailed overall health condition information about your baby’s scalp and hair. After that, if there’s any unnatural issue on the scalp, the doctor will tell you what should be done.

Other than that, the best thing to do about the baby hair is to choose the best shampoo and cleaning product. Don’t use every product you see on the market. The doctor will tell you what kind of shampoo and soap that you should use while cleaning your baby up.

Don’t be so cheap, it’s your baby and do whatever it takes to provide him/her from possible disease or infection at such an early age.

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