Learn More About Hair Transplantation

1 Month After FUE

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is probably the best hair transplantation method in the world and it’s also the most common. Both experts and candidates prefer FUE procedures for hair transplant jobs. If you want to undergo a hair transplantation procedure, you need to know that it requires real patience because many people can’t wait to see some new, grown hair on their scalps. You should start expecting some newly grown hair on your scalp 1 month after FUE.

Everyone has different body characteristics, immune systems, body measurements, and so on. Their eligibility for medical procedures and their bodies’ reactions to different types of medical procedures can be different. Experts say that scalp will need at least 8-9 months to grow all the transplanted hair.

In some cases, the full growth of the transplanted hair may even take 14 months to complete. The growth speed of transplanted hair depends on patients’ nutrition, hair care, immune system, metabolism, and how good the hair transplant job is.

Your scabs will fall on their own 1 month after FUE. After they have completed their job, they will keep falling as you take bath. Some may not seem like they’re falling, you should not interfere with any of your stubborn scabs on your own.

You should not try to remove your scabs with your fingers or nails because it’s very dangerous, you might get infected from your nails. There are harmful little microorganisms and germs included on your hands, fingers, and nails. They may cause severe infection over your hair transplantation area.

You should also use hair cleaning products which your doctor recommends for you. Haircare products other than those of prescription ones can put the safety of your hair transplantation in danger. Don’t ever use them, at least for a year.

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