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Hair Loss and Menopause

Menopause is one of the periods that all women will experience around the age of fifty. It is a natural biologic process that leads to some hormonal changes and also some physical changes. Many women have unpleasant conditions due to menopause, such as mood swings, insomnia, hot flashes, hair loss. Especially hair loss can be very annoying during menopause because hair means a lot for women.

When more your hair enters into the telogen phase than usual, hair loss will occur. Some changes in your body may force your hair, such as fever, stress, hormonal changes, etc. During the menopause process, your body stops producing some hormones like estrogen and start to produce some male hormones. Due to this fluctuation in your hormone levels, your hairs enter the shedding phase.

Hormonal changes usually cause hair loss during menopause, but there can also be other reasons to lead to hair loss, such as a high level of stress, illnesses, or lack of certain nutrients. Thus, it will be beneficial for you a finding a good doctor to diagnose what reason cause your hair loss.

How to prevent hair loss during menopause?

There are some ways to prevent hair loss when you are in the menopause process.

  • Eating well is the most essential way to prevent hair loss. You should make sure that the foods that you consume include monosaturated oils, vitamin B6, and folic acid supplements.
  • You need to keep your stress level low. Reducing stress by exercising regularly can help your hair growth.
  • Exercise is one of the key parts of a healthy life. Exercising will offer you to live a healthy life not only in your menopause process but also in your whole life.
  • You may also try some medications to prevent hair loss. You should talk to your doctor to get these medicines.

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