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How To Prevent Hair Loss

There are millions of ways to prevent hair loss or make your scalp grow new hair. There are lots of people claiming that they have remedies for those. However, most of these sayings are not true. Especially those who claim that their products are good at growing new hair are the ultimate liars in this industry. Hair loss can be prevented by some people using some methods. How to prevent hair loss has been a big question for people over a hundred years, but the 21st century is considered the golden age of hair health.

People were very afraid to undergo hair loss prevention procedures for some reason. Especially men have such pride and obsession in which they feel very sorry about their baldness and they hesitate to take some action for it as well. There are a couple of ways to prevent hair loss:

  • Do not wash your hair frequently
  • Do not ever use hair products
  • Do not use curling irons to give shape to your hair
  • Do not smoke and consume alcohol so much
  • Eat healthy foods with rich ingredients
  • Keep your hair as short as possible
  • Comb your hair all the time

If you obey these rules for the rest of your life, you will minimize the risk of further hair loss. There are even people who have recently had hair transplant procedures and experienced hair loss again. These people mostly think that their new strong hair follicles from the back of the head will not fall out just like the others. However, that’s not true because hair always needs the best care, even after hair transplant procedures.

Most people are obsessed with washing their hair so often. That’s a very wrong thing to do because your hair follicles will need that special oil that your scalp produces for them to feed.

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