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When Should You Take a Shower After Hair Transplant?

One of the most asked questions by hair transplant patients is ‘How soon can I wash my hair?’. Washing your hair after a hair transplant is one of the factors that affect your hair transplant treatment quality. You should take care of your hair after the procedure.

Usually, doctors may tell you to wait for washing your hair till the end of 48 hours after hair transplant surgery. You can take a body shower but cannot wash your hair.

After the 3 days of your hair transplant surgery, you can wash your hair. But you should not let washing water comes to your hair directly. Because shower heads have a powerful punch. A Showerhead that distributes the water over a wide area is the best for taking shower after hair transplant surgery. You should wash your hair very gently till the end of 5 days after hair transplant surgery. If you wash your hair gentle way, you prevent harming your newly transplanted hair follicles. Otherwise, too much scrubbing your hair may dislodge transplanted grafts.

As a suggestion, the best way to wash your hair is by filling a cup with water and pour it over your head gently. Also, you can squeeze a little shampoo into your hand, lather it up with your hand, and gently rub into your hair.

Some doctors suggest that putting a little shampoo in the cup and filling the cup with water. Then mix the cup with your hand and pour it over your head gently and doing a gentle massage.

In summary, you can wash your hair 3 days after hair transplant surgery. Also, the key point of washing your hair is being gentle towards your hair. Because newly transplanted hair follicles are very delicate. You should wash your hair in a gentle way after 48 hours or 3 days after the procedure.

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