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Turkey Best Hair Transplant Clinics

There are so many people in the world troubling with pattern male baldness. A balding head has been mankind’s worst nightmare throughout the history and people tried so many ways to restore their old hair back in the past. It’s been a century since the first experiments were made related to hair transplantation and today there are numerous methods are used to perform such procedures. The first hair transplantation surgery was performed by Menaher Hodora, an Ottoman dermatologist in 1897. He extracted hair strands from the patient’s back of the head and planted them on the recipient area where his patient had suffered from favus disease that left him bald. And Turkey, where is considered the mainland of plastic surgery, is the most famous place to go for such procedures today. We will give you brief information about the overall features of hair transplantation Clinics in Turkey.

What Do Clinics in Turkey Offer?

Turkey is not in an isolated state once it was in the 70s and 80s. With the development of the country’s relationship with Europe and the U.S, Turkey has felt the positive international interaction in every aspect of life.

Today, Istanbul is considered one of the biggest cities in which aesthetic procedures are performed. People from all over the world prefer Turkey for such procedures because of the best offerings and best surgeons.

A hair transplantation clinic in London may charge you 5 times more than a Turkish clinic in Istanbul. Don’t let the cheap prices misguide you because they have the best surgeons, and almost all the plastic surgeons in Europe know each other and approve their works.

Turkish clinics offer you a package of services that includes hair transplantation surgery, accommodation, and airport transfer. You just pay for the package and all these services are covered with that money.

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