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Hair Transplant Women

Even though it is uncommon, women might suffer from baldness in the same way as men do. For this, Hair Transplant Women is one of the most wondered issues in the hair transplant industry. Let’s learn more about hair transplants for women.

What are the causes of Hair Loss in Women?

The majority of men’s hair is sensitive to loss due to heredity. On the other hand, in the early and middle ages, women’s hair doesn’t usually tend to be lost compared with men’s hair. Hair loss in women can be caused by a variety of factors. Anemia, skin illnesses, childbirth, and probable chemotherapy sessions are all common causes of hair loss in women.

The qualities of a woman’s hair differ from a man’s hair. Hair loss in men usually begins on the right and left sides of the forehead, as well as the top of the scalp. When it comes to women’s hair, things are generally different. Women’s hair typically begins to be shed in all areas of the scalp. Overall hair density decreases, resulting in thinner hair.

Hair transplant women overview

Hair Transplant Women is done using one of two procedures. Both men’s and women’s hair transplantation procedures involve Follicular Unit Extraction–FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation–FUT.

Because it produces the most natural-looking results, FUE has become the most popular hair transplantation treatment in the world. Patients are given the option of having their hair totally shaved or not. But, women often dislike the full shave since they don’t want to seem bald during the 9-month healing period. The follicular units from the donor area of the women are removed and transplanted into the recipient areas. The FUE process includes extracting follicles one at a time and planting them one at a time.

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