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Long Hair Loss

Most people who realize that they’ve been losing their hair get the shortest haircut because they believe that the shorter the hair is the less the hair falls out. This is mostly true because hair loss is generally associated with the poor feeding of the hair follicles on the scalp. Your scalp needs to work more in order to feed your long hair. They easily take damage from the environment and the hair follicles may become weaker than ever. Since long hair should be washed more than short hair, the hair follicles may not feed themselves from the scalp oil as much as they need. Long hair loss is very famous because of such reasons.

We see that so many people who have a balding hair insist on growing longer hair. They think that longer hair will cover the balding areas in the eyes of the other people. However, they’re not doing themselves a favor by doing this, they only make the hair loss process go faster. A longer hair is thinner than ever and the care of this kind of hair is harder than the short hair. However, it is almost impossible to explain this situation to these people. These people even prefer long hair transplantation when it comes to considering such methods for their hair loss

Why Should Leave My Hair Short

You get your short hair cut more often. The more you get it cut, the stronger it gets. You may experience a little more hair density, a natural topical effect on your head as long as you keep your hair short. Short hair does not require so much care as the long hair does. And you will see that your hair will not fall out except for a couple of hair strands if you take good care of your short hair.

Even the hair transplant surgeons are against long hair. Some people request long hair transplant procedures but their requests are generally rejected by most surgeons. A long hair transplant will definitely fall out during the early days of recovery.

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