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FUE Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Hair transplant procedures, especially those performed in Istanbul have become a trend among tourists. Since health tourism has some financial and tourist benefits, the number of people wishing to visit another country for a good hair transplant has been increasing day by day. Fue, follicular hair extraction is the most performed hair transplant procedure in Istanbul clinics. FUE hair transplant in Istanbul has the largest share in the country’s total aesthetic industry.

It is considered that over 1.500 hair transplant procedures are performed in Turkey, mostly in Istanbul, the unofficial capital and the biggest city of the country. You always have a chance to see people with bandaged heads which can be concluded that these people had hair transplantation procedures in Istanbul.

What about the quality of hair transplant procedures in Istanbul? Are they any good? Is it worth visiting this big city for a hair transplant? The answer to all of these is yes. Istanbul is considered the biggest aesthetic tourism industry destination in the world.

The country itself has still been among developing countries but the clinics are completely beyond their time. You have no idea how advanced clinics there are in Istanbul. These clinics are mostly furnished with high-end medical equipment.

When is the Best For Hair Transplantation in Istanbul?

Since the world’s social, tourist, and economical balance has been devastated by the COVID-19 crisis, health tourism in Istanbul stopped for almost 3 months. Aesthetic clinics are the most crowded international visitor destinations and present great danger to people’s health.

However, Turkey has proven that its health industry is really reliable. The country has been noted for some time for its great success against COVID-19. This success allowed the country to start its normalization progress and aesthetic clinics in Istanbul have already been starting its operations.

The airline transportation of the country will start in a couple of days, too. Once the airline companies start their operations, you can visit Istanbul and buy a good hair transplantaion procedure in Istanbul.

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