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Hair Transplant At 23

Hair transplants may be inevitable for those who have tried all of their chances to fight against male pattern baldness. People may look hesitant about a possible hair transplant surgery because they think that their transplanted hair may also fall out. One has to meet some requirements in order to qualify for a hair transplantation procedure. People between 30-40 mostly create the biggest crowd of hair transplantation candidates.

The male pattern baldness becomes a nightmare for people of such ages. However, there are also lots of people in their 20s who suffer from a balding head. For example, we saw lots of balding people who recently graduated from college, 22 and 23 are important ages when it comes to taking a hair transplant procedure into consideration because the hair loss shows itself very badly.

What Is The Best Age For Hair Transplant?

To answer this question, one should figure if he meets all the requirements needed for hair transplantation surgery. We need to answer this question first; Who is the best candidate for a hair transplant?

A young age like 23 may represent a healthy person with a fresh metabolism when we think of the overall situation. But there so many factors beyond the age. A good candidate for a hair transplant should be like this:

  • No chronic disease or diabetes
  • No hard smoker or drinker
  • Has a good hair density on his donor area ( back of the head )
  • Has a stable immune system
  • His hair is not predisposed to fall out

A young person who’s been suffering from a balding head should consider drug treatment first. There are a couple of drugs in order to prevent hair loss but they need to be used during the lifetime because the hair may start balding if the patient stops taking these drugs. Mesotherapy sessions may also be considered in such a young age, the hair roots may don’t have enough vitamins and minerals.

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