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Full Head Hair Transplant

Full head hair transplant or Full-shave hair transplant is the most performed hair transplant method in the world. Especially FUE and DHI procedures are the top procedures in the hair transplant industry and they are mostly performed in full-shave ways. There are actually a couple of reasons for surgeons to prefer full shave methods. Unlike the hair transplant surgeons, candidates mostly prefer no-shave hair transplant procedures in the beginning and then they change their minds.

Most experts suggest full-shave hair transplant procedures because hair transplant surgeons are more comfortable when they work on a full-shaved scalp. Trying not to damage healthy hair strands is a bit challenging for some surgeons. They do not also want to be interrupted by long hair strands during hair transplantation procedures.

Another reason why most experts suggest full-shave methods is about a specific complication that can be seen in every hair transplant case. Shock hair loss is a type of hair loss that can be seen after hair transplant surgery.

Shock hair loss happens after hair transplant surgery only. The transplanted hair follicles are seen as a threat by the immune system and provoke it. The attacks cause the external parts ( hair strands ) of these hair follicles to fall. In some cases, a visible amount of transplanted hair fall, but in most cases, all the transplanted hair fall.

However, this type of hair loss is not permanent. The lost transplanted hair loss will grow from the scalp again. but this time, it will take a really long time to recover them. It is said that it can take up to 9 months to fully recover the lost hair strands.

Because of the possible shock hair loss situation, surgeons do not suggest no-shave hair transplantation procedures. Since the transplanted hair strands will fall already, it is unwise to undergo no-shave procedures, they say.

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