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Hair Transplant Protection

Unlike the common thought, hair transplantation procedures can be quite complicated because of several reasons. For example, many people do not give so much attention to hair follicles, however, a hair follicle is considered an independent organ by most medical experts. Every hair follicle may react differently to specific medical procedures like a hair transplantation procedure. Hair transplant protection can be a bit challenging because of this fact and people may need to take care of their wounded scalp by giving the utmost attention.

If you just got a hair transplantation surgery, you need to be careful with your wounded scalp during the day. For example, it is always best to cover your head with a hat when you’re outside your house. You can’t guarantee the safety of your wounded scalp if you expose it to sunlight.

You should also keep your scalp out of water during the early days of hair transplantation recovery. Water exposure during the early days may cause severe complications like infection. You need to wait for some scabs to show up on your scalp. Scabs mean that your early healing has been completed and you can now wash your hair with proper hair care products like creaös and shampoos.

You may suffer from a bit annoying type of itching during the recovery. It is very normal but you should definitely not interfere with your scalp, meaning that you should not scratch your scalp, touch, or pull your hair. Your transplanted hair follicles need to get used to your scalp.

If you temper with your hair follicles, you may also cause some of them to fall. You can’t afford the loss of a single hair follicle because the purpose of your hair transplantatioın procedure was to see some real hair on your scalp in the first place. Such actions will definitely kill the purpose of your procedure.

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