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Headache After Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedures of today are considered the safest aesthetic procedures in the industry. However, since they are aesthetic procedures, possible complications may be inevitable sometimes. Headache after a hair transplant is one of the most complications of this kind of aesthetic procedures. A standard hair transplant procedure involves the extraction and plantation of hair follicles on your scalp. Your scalp has a sensitive tissue which means that even powerful sunlight may burn its surface. Since every hair follicles on your scalp are considered independent and the smallest organs of your body, your hair transplantation area may react differently to every one of them.

Headache is a common complication when it comes to hair transplantation recovery. Most patients experience headache a couple of days after their hair transplant procedures. There can be lots of reasons for that but it happens to be related to your immune system’s reaction to the procedure. Your immune system attacks the hair follicles. These hair follicles are resistant to such attacks or male pattern baldness, which they already survived from. However, these attacks generally result in your transplanted hair strands to fall out, but hair follicles remain undamaged. You will grow all of these hair strands back.

Why Headache Happens

These attacks will mess up with your scalp tissue and may result in headaches. Most headaches caused by this are not dangerous to your health or your hair transplant. The success rate of your hair transplant procedure can not be measured with your headaches. If you experience agonizing pain, you should immediately consult your doctor and ask for your prescription painkillers.

Do not take any kind of drugs without your doctor’s knowledge, it even more dangerous than your headache. Besides, your total physical recovery from hair transplantation procedure may take up to 9 months. This includes your full gain of hair density. You can see that your hair density will increase in time.

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