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Hair Growth After Shock Hair Loss

People always wonder about the possible hair growth period after hair transplantation procedures. They have a right to be so impatient about this one because bald people are mostly sick of living without hair on their heads. However, these people should also remember that they will suffer from a type of hair loss after their hair transplant procedures, shock hair loss. Hair growth after shock hair loss can be a bit challenging for most hair transplant patients because they may not get rid of the thought that their hair will not grow again.

Hair growth after shock hair loss may take a while because of the microchannels opened for the hair follicle plantation procedure. Every extracted hair follicles should be independently planted on the microchannels. These microchannels will need some time to heal up.

During the hair follicles adaptation period, the immune system will attack the hair follicles and make their external parts fall. The external parts are nothing but your hair strands for sure. This is called shock hair loss. After that, your hair will grow very slowly. It will take months to fully recover your hair on the scalp again.

This kind of hair loss can be 1-2% permanent depending on some cases. However, even in such cases, it does not affect the full scalp. Additional hair transplant sessions may be needed for those who suffered from permanent shock hair loss.

If you want to speed up your hair growth rate after shock hair loss, you can use some hair growth products like finasteride or minoxidil. These products may increase your hair density by boosting your weak and small hair follicles. The results are not permanent though, they will return to their previous shape by the time you stop taking such products.

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